Our vision is to provide a service to our community, and helping people to find moderation in all areas of life, not just food and/or exercise.

We want people to stop hating their bodies and blaming themselves for being unable to achieve some impossible societal standard ! We want to be part of a community that values the ‘whole’ person, their achievements and not just what they look like. We aim to promote this idea as much as we can.

Comparison with others is a normal human trait, but it can lead to low self-worth if not kept in check. Maintaining a strong sense of self and identity amid a sea of people who benignly believe that a perfect self-image is ‘only’ what the world wants to see, or they want to show, is nigh impossible. Unless you have been lucky enough to have strong minded role models around you growing up.

The incidences of eating disorders are on the rise, and in the Western world we are in the grip of an obesity epidemic. So what is going on? Like everything there are many, many dimensions to consider. Young people are growing up in a world that is ALL about what we see. Social media can be such a useful tool. But it can also be a reflection of how people see themselves – distorted and not good enough. Without knowledge, people find themselves slipping down the slippery slope of eating disorders.

EEDOS - Essex Eating Disorder Therapy

Attempts to restrict food intake can quickly lead to overeating, as the person becomes extremely hungry. Binge eating can take over and then other well known strategies such as skipping meals, vomiting (Bulimia), laxatives and over-exercising are believed to be the solution. But tragically, they often make the problem worse and can lead to life-threatening health issues.

Our vision is to restore some balance into our community’s collective thinking in the areas that really matter. To assist our community to find balance in all that it does.